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Study the core subjects English, Science and Math by the International Cambridge Syllabus from the comfort of your own home! Innovative, interactive online lessons for all primary school grades - only 399k per month!

Why put the education of your child on hold during this pandemic, when Morphoo Online Classroom can offer you international recognized education through live online lessons, fun educational videos and quizzes and even the option to gain the official International Cambridge Checkpoint  Certification in your city!

Morphoo Online Classroom offers your child the international core subjects English, Math and Science through interactive lessons, activity-based learning and personalised support by our national and international teachers.

Your child will enjoy exploring the world around them, learning through fun 3D and 2D video lessons and building friendships with classmates from all over Indonesia and the world. 

As a parent you will enjoy Morphoo’s Online Classroom as well, as you will see your child flourish and enjoy learning new things. Morphoo Online Classroom offers full support to students and their parents, the International Cambridge Syllabus inspired core subjects English, Math and Science and a progress tracker to see if the student is ready and well prepared for the (optional) International Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exam and Asesmen Nasional (WNI only).

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