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Kindergarten Classroom


Morphoo School is located in Seminyak - Bali offering primary school children innovative, international education with face-to-face classes by our national and international teachers. 

Morphoo School is Bali's most innovative, international primary school. Located in Seminyak, Morphoo School follows the International Cambridge Syllabus with the core-subjects English, Science and Math next to our non-core subjects Coding, Design and Character Building.

We offer all primary children starting at age 4 up to 11 a fulfilling school program, using multi sensory and innovative teaching methods. Morphoo focusses on each individual student's study needs and offer short, exciting school days to ensure your child enjoys learning, truly engage in all lessons and has energy and motivation left for hobbies, extra curricular activities and quality time with the family after school. 

Due to the pandemic, our timetable is 3 days at school with maximal 8 students per class and 2 days studying from home, guided by our national and international teachers doing pre-explained worksheets, activities and reading independently.*

In our Grade 6 students can choose to sit the optional International Cambridge Checkpoint exam (exam fees are not included) to gain an internationally recognised certification to enter any international secondary school around the world. Our national students can sit the Asesmen National (formerly known as Ujian Nasional) as well.

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