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Interactive lessons that
inspire a love of learning!

  • Inspire awe and wonder of the world around your children with Morphoo!

  • Cambridge International curriculum-aligned content

  • Practical for both in-class and online learning


Select a Curriculum

Select a curriculum to embark on your science learning adventure!

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are set on each topic to assist students achieving the learning goals.


3D Interactive and
2D Animated Videos

Morphoo creatively transforms complex scientific theories into interactive 3D presentations and 2D animated videos, enabling students to gain comprehensive understanding and retain knowledge longer.

Hands-on Activities

Activity-based learning develops and
enhances students' communication
and collaboration skills as they
apply knowledge to practice.

Practice Quizzes

Unlimited practice questions validating student’s understanding of the topic.

Ready-to-use or custom homework and exams are also available, allowing teachers to devote more time in teaching.

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